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The Wargamer's Platoon mini-site is dedicated to Strategy First's, Monte Cristo's and Digital Reality's' Platoon: The 1st Airborne Cavalry Division in Vietnam, the PC real-time tactical war game released in November 2002.  This mini-site includes information about the game, the downloadable game demo, historical articles, a Vietnam-era game anthology, and a variety of other features.  The Wargamer's Platoon mini-site is sponsored in part by Strategy First, Monte Cristo and Digital Reality.

Latest Content and Features

"In Platoon these soldiers are completely in the player's hands. They will not act unless the player tells them too, making it quite easy to have section members killed through lack of attention. In effect, the player controls the actions of every single friendly under Lionsdale's control for each mission as well as having to look after the Sarge himself. For those more familiar with games in which personnel have a degree of autonomy such as the Close Combat series, GI Combat or Ground Control, Platoon could become immensely frustrating. By understanding some of the game engine's limitations and working to them it is quite possible to have an enjoyable, although extremely micro-managed game."  

"The conflict is also becoming increasing popular among gamers; TalonSoft's The Operational Art of War Volume II covers the war on a large scale, while John Tiller's Squad Battles series is a serious treatment at a tactical level. For lighter fare, a number of first-person shooters have been set in the era, such as Vietnam 2 - Special Assignment. Falling somewhere in between the seriousness of a conventional wargame and the frivolity of themed shooter is Digital Reality's real-time tactical game, Platoon." .

"If there is one image that is indelibly associated with the American War in Vietnam, it is the helicopter. For many, the distinctive phip, phip, phip of rotor blades holds a visceral fascination. Whatever one thinks of the premise or realism in the movie Apocalypse Now, there is no denying the power of the air assault scene, with its deadly ballet of gunships and troop carriers to the accompaniment of 'The Ride of the Valkyries.' A large part of that mystique arises from the real life accomplishments of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)." 


"Platoon, Strategy Firstís real-time game of tactical Vietnam combat, puts you in the combat boots of American soldiers facing a wily and elusive foe, in some of the most rugged terrain on earth. Come along for a patrol, and see what itís likeÖ."  

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Dale Dye, technical advisor to the 1986 Platoon movie, also served as a consultant in EA's recent World War II Medal of Honor PC series.



The Platoon demo features a single gameplay mission. 

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