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ReadMe Version 1.0

Thank you for purchasing Frogger: The Great Quest for PC.  This file contains additional information not found in the game manual.

Table of Contents

1)     System Requirements
2)     Installation
3)     Autorun Menu
4)     Start Frogger: The Great Quest
5)     Uninstall Frogger: The Great Quest
6)     Memory and Performance
7)     Controls
8)     Graphic and Sound Cards
9)     Frogger Web Sites
10)     Technical Support

1)  System Requirements


Windows® XP/ME/2000/98/95B
500 MHz Pentium® II (or equivalent)
DirectX 8 compliant 3D accelerator card w/32 MB VRAM
DirectX 8 compliant sound card
DirectX 8 or higher (included)
4X CD-ROM drive
400 MB free hard disk space


AMD Athlon® or Intel Pentium® III processor
128 MB RAM
3D accelerator card w/64 MB VRAM
8X CD-ROM drive
Gamepad controller

It may be necessary to update your hardware drivers before playing.

2)  Installation

Insert the Frogger CD into your CD-ROM drive. After a few seconds, the Autorun Menu will appear. Click on Install Game to run the installer and follow the on screen prompts.

In the event the Autorun Menu does not appear when you insert the CD:
Double-click on the My Computer icon, then double-click on the CD-ROM icon, and lastly double-click on the Startup.exe file to bring up the Autorun Menu.

You will initially be prompted to select the install path and directory.  The default install path is C:\Program Files\Konami\Frogger - The Great Quest.   If the Frogger installer detects that DirectX 8 or a later version of DirectX is not installed on your system, DirectX 8 will be installed during the installation process.

You should now be able to play Frogger! Remember, the Frogger CD must be in your CD-ROM drive at all times while you are playing the game.

Note: For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you may need to log in as the Administrator to install the program.  The installer uses the TEMP directory (typically C:\temp).   If you have any problems running the installer, please delete all the files in the TEMP directory before installing the game.

3)  Autorun Menu

The Autorun Menu will appear any time the Frogger CD is inserted in the CD-ROM drive. The menu has several options:

4)  Start Frogger: The Great Quest

To begin playing Frogger, insert the game CD into the CD-ROM drive. When the Autorun Menu appears, click Run Game. If the Autorun Menu does not appear you can double click the Frogger shortcut on your desktop, or run the game from the Start Menu.

You will need the Frogger CD in your CD-ROM drive at all times while playing the game.

5)  Uninstall Frogger: The Great Quest

If you need to uninstall Frogger, you may do any of the following:

6)  Memory and Performance

Frogger requires at least 64 MB of RAM and a 500 MHz processor; the performance of the game will improve if you have more RAM and a faster processor.   Regardless of your machine specs, you can maximize your available memory and increase the overall performance of the game by doing the following:

7)  Controls

You will be able to play Frogger: The Great Quest with a gamepad, joystick, or with the keyboard.  The game even supports PC gamepads with analog sticks!  The Frogger program will automatically detect whether or not you have a game controller connected to your PC.  If a controller is detected, the game will use the controller by default and the keyboard will be disabled.   Only the ESC key will be active; you will be able to use ESC to pause and un-pause the game.  When you press any other key, you will see the following message appear at the bottom of the screen: "Please unplug controller to use keyboard."  If you wish to use the keyboard to control Frogger, you can unplug your controller from your PC at any time and play with the keyboard.  However, if you wish to use your game controller, we recommend that you connect your controller to your PC before you start the Frogger program to ensure that it works properly.

Note: whether you are using a controller or the keyboard, you can always pause the game and bring up the pause menu by pressing the Esc key.

Frogger is best played with a gamepad, so we heartily recommend that you use a gamepad to play the game if you own one.  Frogger specifically supports the Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads, and the Gravis Gamepad Pro.  If you are playing the game with a different controller,  we support all other controllers with the configuration listed below.  If you are unsure of which button # matches up with the buttons on your controller, you can check this by going to the Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel, and double clicking on Game Controllers (or Gaming Options).  Make sure your controller is connected; it should be listed in the window and the Status should be "OK".  Click on Properties and you'll see a window with the controller buttons listed.  Press each button on your controller and the corresponding button number will light up in the window.

Default Controller Configuration
D-Pad or Analog Stick  -  Move Frogger
Button 1  -  Jump Button / Glide / Swim Up / Continue
Button 2  -  Action Button / Swim Down / Dive
Button 3  -  Attack Button
Button 4  -  Inventory Button
Button 5  -  Magic Button
Button 6  -  Free-Look Button
Button 7  -  Stone Scroll Button
Button 8  -  Strafe Button / Target Lock / Camera Reset
Button 9  -  Pause Button

8)  Graphic and Sound cards

Frogger requires a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration and at least 32 MB of VRAM. The drivers for your graphic card must support DirectX 8 or higher.  If you are having any problems running the game, make sure to update your graphic card drivers first before contacting technical support.

Intel 810, 815 - The Intel family of graphic chipsets are not officially supported.  You may be able to get the game to run, but performance will vary depending on your system.

ATI Rage 128 - You may have problems running the game on lower end systems with this graphic chipset.

3Dfx cards  - 3Dfx cards are not officially supported.  Unfortunately, 3Dfx no longer releases updated drivers for their chipsets and do not support DirectX 8.  However, you may be able to find an updated driver at the following web site:

PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose to install new 3Dfx drivers, you do so at your own risk!

If you are experiencing sound abnormalities such as clicking and popping, you may need to turn off sound hardware acceleration.  Go to Start, Control Panel, Sound, then find the sound/audio hardware acceleration setting and turn it off.

9)  Frogger Web Sites

Konami Global Web Site

Konami of America

10)  Technical Support

If you experience any technical problems with your game that you are unable to resolve, please contact Konami Technical Support:

Phone:   1-650-654-3249


Konami of America, Inc.
1400 Bridge Parkway, Suite 101
Redwood City, California, 94065-1567
Attn: Customer Service

If you get stuck in the game, or just need some addtional hints and tips to give you a boost, don’t worry! You can call the Konami Game Hint & Tip Line for help with this software and all fine Konami products.

Konami Game Hint & Tip Line: 1-900-896-HINT (4468)
$0.95 per minute charge
$1.25 per minute support from a game counselor
Touch tone phone required
Minors must have parental permission before dialing

Hints are available 24 hours a day. Live support Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M, Pacific Time. Prices and availability are subject to change, U.S. accessibility only.

If you are having problems running the game, you may want to try updating your graphic card drivers before calling technical support:

3D labs
ATI Technologies
Creative Labs
Diamond Multimedia