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Getting Started


         System Requirements

         DirectX and drivers informations

         Installing IronStorm

         Running IronStorm

         Uninstalling IronStorm

         Controlling the main character


            Playing the Solo Campaign


         Easy mode

         Normal mode

         Realist mode


            Playing the multi-player mode



         Memory and performance

         Troubleshooting Information

         Technical Support

         Technical Support Contact Details

 System Requirements  

Intel Pentium III 600MHz
Geforce 2
16 bit Sound Card
4x CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1 or higher

Intel Pentium III 1GHz
Geforce 3
32 bit Sound Card
16x CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Broadband (Cable/DSL) Connection for multiplayer
Windows 2000 or XP
DirectX 8.1 or higher

Controlling the main character:


         Move Forward / Move Back                              UP / DOWN ARROW

         Strafe right or left                                                 RIGHT / LEFT ARROW

         Turn left or right                                                   7 / 9 NUMERIC PAD

         Toggle temporary Walk / Run                           RIGHT CONTROL

         Toggle permanent Walk / Run                           CAPSLOCK

         Jump                                                                       0 NUMERIC PAD

         Next position                                                        HOME

         Previous position                                                 END

         Crouch                                                                   1 NUMERIC PAD

         Crawl                                                                      RIGHT SHIFT

         Look up                                                                 -

         Look down                                                            +

         Center view                                                           5 NUMERIC PAD

         Lean                                                                       MOUSE BUTTON 2

         Primary fire                                                            MOUSE BUTTON 0

         Secondary fire                                                      MOUSE BUTTON 1

         Use                                                                         SPACE BAR

         Reload                                                                    BACKSPACE

         Flashlight                                                              F

         First / Third person view                                    ENTER

         Zoom in                                                                 PAGE UP / MOUSE 3 (while secondary faire enabled)

         Zoom out                                                               PAGE DOWN / MOUSE3 (while secondary faire enabled)

         Weapon 0                                                              1

         Weapon 1                                                              2

         Weapon 2                                                              3

         Weapon 3                                                              4

         Weapon 4                                                              5

         Weapon 5                                                              6

         Weapon 6                                                              7

         Weapon 7                                                              8

         Weapon 8                                                              9

         Weapon 9                                                              0

         Weapon 10                                                            )

         Next weapon                                                         S (while secondary faire disabled)

         Previous weapon                                                 ^ (while secondary faire disabled)

         Drop weapon                                                        DELETE (SUPPR)

         PAUSE                                                                   P

         Show score                                                           TAB

         Talk                                                                        Y

         Talk with Team                                                     T

         Quick load                                                             L

         Quick save                                                            Q